How To Check And Know The IP Address Of Any Website

All computers as well as websites have IP address, short for Internet Protocol.

What is an IP Address?

An IP Address is the unique identifier given to a particular computer in a network of computers. It’s the uniqueness of one computer’s or website’s IP that makes it possible for one to get to exact destination when searched for one. One is not miss directed while searching for a destination, using the destination’s IP address simply because, each IP address of each of the computers or websites in the whole world is unique.

Why Do We Need An IP Address?

An IP address helps us to know the location of people visiting our website

Once the IP address of the computers of those browsing a site is recognized by our computer, the location eg. the country where the visitor is would be known by the computer and could now be displayed to us.

An IP address helps in connectivity

When different computers are networked either to share files or to perform some work, the means which acts as a path is the IP address of the individual computers. Hence, if the IP address of one of the computers is incorrectly entered there would be a connection problem. This usually displayed as “IP address not found” or “connection failed”. When a Bluetooth is setup between two devices, while searching for one device, what the device searching does it look for the IP address of the other device.

Also, when we type the URL of any website and click enter, what our browser searches for is the IP address of the website.

Websites use domain names and these domain names all have their IP addresses. While the domain name, eg. acts as front end, its IP address acts as the back end.

How Do We Check The IP Address of Any Website?

We can check the IP address of any website in just few clicks.

Step one: Open up the command prompt on your computer.

Step two: Connect your computer to the internet.

Step three: Type “ping followed by the URL of the website” and hit “enter”

For instance, if we want to check the IP address of, we type the following:

ping and hit “enter”

When you do that, you get the following result:

Check it on

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