How To Create A YouTube Video On Your YouTube Channel And Start Making Money

money on YouTube is very easy when you know what to do. One of the best ways one makes money on YouTube is by the creation of videos.

However, lots of factors are responsible to why some videos seem to bring high turn ups than the other. Even when both videos are equally good. On this page, you are going to know why some videos pay more than the other.

1. Search-ability

When a video is easily found on the internet, it makes the video bring higher returns in less time. This is because, the number of views of a given video determines how much you are going to earn from YouTube.


What makes any video easily found on YouTube is the “TAGS” given to the video. What are tags?

Tags are key words you input while creating videos on your YouTube Channel. For example, if your video talks about “How To Make Money Online”, each of the words used here and some other words related to these are important and should be included in your tags. This is because, when someone doing research on how to make money on the internet searches, they may not type in exact thing as ” how to make money on the internet ” they might type something like, “how do I make quick money”. Here, the only thing that would make this researcher find your video with the tags “How To Make Money Online” are the words “How”, “Make” and “Money”. Hence, it’s important to think of as many key words related to your video as possible so that if one doesn’t match, probably the other might.

So it would be better, if words like “Money”, “Make”, “Online”, “Fast”

“Internet”. “How”, “Huge”, “Income”, “Rich” etc

2. Ads Enabled

You get higher chance of earning from your YouTube videos from the ads that appear on them.

If however, ads are not enabled on your videos, you are limited to only views.

One Key Thing That Disables ads on a YouTube video is when the video is set as “for kids”, if you set it to “Yes, for kids”, your video would automatically disable anything ads. The right option to choose is “No, not for kids”. The short video below would guide you through creating your YouTube video the right way.

Videos Make Things Easier To Understand

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